Working to Bridge the Partisan Divide in the General Assembly

Posted on 04-05-2023

Earlier last week, the Millennial Action Project launched the Delaware Future Caucus –

a bipartisan caucus within the state legislature to encourage young legislators to work across the aisle on issues impacting young Delawareans.

Sen. Sarah McBride (D), Rep. Michael Smith (R), Sen. Kyle Evans Gay (D), and Rep. Bryan Shupe (R) will lead the caucus in the General Assembly.

The caucus joins the Millennial Action Project’s national movement of young elected officials collaborating to forge common ground. With this week’s launch, Delaware becomes the 32nd state to join the Millennial Action Project’s State Future Caucus initiative. As part of this national network, Delaware’s young legislative leaders will aid efforts to foster civil political discourse and prove that good governance begins with meaningful collaboration.

“Delawareans need forward-thinking legislators who will work across the aisle and focus on results that will benefit our state for generations,” Rep. Shupe said. “I’m thrilled to co-chair this caucus alongside my peers in the House and Senate. This Future Caucus is a crucial step towards setting partisan politics aside to tackle the tough issues head-on, and I’m eager to continue our work.”

Rep. Smith said he is excited about the group’s formation. “As we deal with the policy decisions that will drive Delaware ahead over the next 20 years, I’m looking forward to working with a bipartisan group of emerging leaders to forge a new Delaware Way.”

A bi-partisan group of state lawmakers this week launched the Delaware Future Caucus, an ad-hoc committee that will focus on issues that help bridge the gap among all generations with the common goal of securing the future for every Delawarean. Mike will serve as Co-Chair, along with Senators Marie Pinkney, Sarah McBride, and Kyle Evans Gay and Rep. Bryan Shupe. Economic development, education reform, and childcare access will be among the top issues the caucus plans to address.
(Also pictured in the middle is Layla Zaidane, President & CEO of the Millennial Action Project.)

Mike will serve as the Co-Chair of the newly-formed Delaware Future Caucus
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