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Posted on 01-30-2021

Federal takeover of elections

House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, recently reintroduced a bill called “For the People Act” that has nothing to do with the people. It should be called “For the Politicians Act.” Democrats are presenting H.R. 1 as a voting rights bill, but its effect would be to concentrate liberal power.

Government control: The Constitution grants states broad authority to make election laws. Some states have early voting, while others have Election Day voting only. These decisions are—and should be—left to the states. Centralized control is often a bureaucratic nightmare, while a decentralized system makes voter fraud more difficult. H.R. 1 would take away states’ rights and put election decisions in the hands of the federal government. The bill would also take redistricting decisions from state legislatures and give it to “independent” commissions that have historically favored liberals.

Increased potential for fraud: H.R. 1 would increase the potential for election fraud by mandating same-day voting registration, which makes it difficult for election officials to verify accuracy.

D.C. statehood: You might wonder what D.C. statehood has to do with election reform. Answer: nothing. It’s another attempt by Democrats to increase their voting margin in Congress and impose their liberal agenda. In H.R. 1, Congress fully endorses D.C. statehood for the first time.             

Our take: The federal government does have a role to play in elections— ensuring they are safe from foreign interference. But states should take the lead on how and when voting takes place. They should also lead the way on reform efforts like increasing election security and decreasing the potential for fraud. For example, more state governments should root out ballot harvesting—the controversial process of allowing third parties to collect and deliver ballots. H.R. 1 bill does none of that. It’s a blatant effort to grab power through the legislative process instead of winning voters over with ideas.

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