What Now? Doubling Down…

Posted on 06-30-2022

ALERT! ALERT: It’s the last day of legislative session and just last night, pro-abortion activist legislators proposed
SB 343 — a bill to ENSHRINE ABORTION WITH NO LIMITS, EVEN UP TO 9 MONTHS, in Delaware’s state constitution!
The Seaford “Dignity Ordinance” decision rejected by DE Chancery Court. 
Delaware Chancery Court Judge Laster decided the case. Seaford’s Dignity Ordinance would have required all fetal remains within Seaford city limits, regardless of age or stage or development, to be handled in a dignified manner. However, Judge Laster stated that the State of DE only allows a dignified handling of remains IF a death certificate is issued. Currently in Delaware code, a death certificate is issued IF the mother requests it, if the preborn baby is at least 20 weeks old or weighs at least 350 grams. Seaford’s attorney clearly argued how there was no conflict between this code and Seaford’s ordinance, but the judge rejected it – Here is the ruling.
Did we advance TRUTH and COURAGE? ~ABSOLUTELY!
Delaware’s lawmakers, from the Attorney General to state and Federal legislators, have made it clear that their goal for Delaware is to be an abortion hotspot, sanctuary, destination (any of these words fit). 
What started as a small 3 to 2 vote in a small city council meeting turned into a monumental gesture of bravery and commitment for life and human dignity.
➡️ DE’s Attorney General didn’t waste any time politicizing the issue on her Twitter account.  “The U.S. Supreme Court has unleashed a wave of extremist, draconian laws across our country. That wave stops here,” said Attorney General Kathy Jennings. “This ruling firmly rejects a clearly illegal and harmful attempt to nullify State law and to use dark money to return us to the Dark Ages. It protects residents and visitors of Seaford from a cruel and frankly hateful policy. And it makes clear that Delaware remains a safe haven for choice and reproductive freedom exactly when those sanctuaries are needed most. I am grateful to the Court for its wisdom and to our team for their quick response and tireless work on this case.”
Health care. Reproductive freedom. These are the euphemisms being shouted everywhere in protest to the Dobbs’ decision. People believe it, heart and soul. Many feel they’ve been robbed of their safety and rights. 

Euphemisms do that. They provide a hopeful cover for a dark reality — promises that have nothing but rot inside. 
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In 2017, abortion was legalized up to the point of “viability” – an arbitrary standard left to the abortionist to decide. In 2021, criminal penalties were removed in cases where mothers die at the hands of abortionists during the abortion procedure.
This year, HB 320 passed allowing APRNs and physician assistants to prescribe dangerous, DIY abortion pills, drugs that women can take without medical oversight
Just yesterday, HB 455 passed and awaits the Governor’s signature; it makes Delaware an abortion hotspot by encouraging women from pro-life states to kill their babies in Delaware.
The DE Democrat legislators, who are the majority, represent the most extreme, death-at-all-cost position on abortion.

Keep in mind that with TODAY being the last day of legislative session, anything can happen, and quickly.

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 Because 2/3 majority is needed in both chambers to pass it, we are expecting and counting on the Republicans in Delaware’s House to stop it. 

Nicole Theis

Delaware Family Policy Council
Delaware Strong Families