“We the People” Group Celebrates One Year!”

Posted on 05-06-2022

On May 4, 2022, the “We the People” group of Bethany Beach met for the 53rd time!  Each Wednesday, at 8:30 AM, for the past year this troop has met at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk flag pole to pledge the flag, sing “God Bless America” and say a prayer for our fallen heroes and first responders.


Initiated last Spring by Navy veteran, Bill Murphy not a single Wednesday has been missed!  “This is an important way to honor our flag and our fallen,” says Murphy.  Weather doesn’t matter to this crowd.  They attend in the rain, wind and temperatures in the 20’s.


The size of the gathering varies from week to week.  During the summer, early morning visiting walkers join the group.  Many stop by and compliment the “regulars” on what a very nice activity it is.  The group is particularly pleased when parents who just happen by on their way to claim their spots on the beach, stop with their children and encourage the little ones to place their hands over their hearts and join the recitation.  If the family plans include two weeks in Bethany, they return the following Wednesday to join in again.


All are welcome!  Congratulations to “We the People” for reaching this milestone!