” We The People ” & CRT Panel Discussion

Posted on 08-07-2021

” WE THE PEOPLE ” give a review of the Heritage Action Event.

Paul , took some pictures of the CRT Panel Discussion event 7/29.  Marilyn did a great job getting and organizing the volunteers.   The venue was huge and very beautiful.   Great audio visual.  The panelist and the MC did a great of explaining the CRT’s origins and what it will do to the children.  They also gave ideas how we can stop it, and we must do everything that we can to stop it.  I walked away believing even more that CRT has no place in our Delaware schools (which it already is in Lewis) and that we should do whatever we can the educate the public and resist it’s implementation in 2022 if presented to the school Districts by the State Board of Education and they attempt to approve it.  Let’s do more of these events.
I also added a couple pictures of the WE the People event every Wed. at 8:30 AM and the Bethany Beach Bandstand.  Pledge of allegiance and a patriotic song.  Takes 5 minutes.  Parking is free in Bethany Beach until 10am.
Please come and honor our Flag and THOSE THAT DIED FOR IT . Also our Police and all First Responders .