Watch “Candidates Forum” on YouTube

Posted on 09-29-2022

This link is available to permit all the opportunity to learn more about your candidates:

Candidates Forum – YouTube

Links For Your Delaware Statewide Candidates:
  • To learn more, go to:, 707 Lore Ave. Wilmington, DE 19809-3050

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To donate, go to > Julianne Murray For Delaware (

2022 GOP Candidate for State Treasurer. A lifelong Delawarean, personal financial counselor to U.S. Armed Services members, Finance Professor, Board of Education member, and certified financial planner. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration from DSU.

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Janice Lorrah 2022 GOP Candidate for State Auditor.

Janice has an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School and Received her Master of Law degree from Temple. Has had her own law firm for more than 2 decades. Famous for suing Gov. Carney over the mask mandate. Has a certificate in Forensic Accounting.

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