Veto Delaware Gun Control Bills HB 450 and Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6)

Posted on 06-18-2022

Delaware: Gun Control Bills Headed To Governor Carney’s Desk

After extensive debate, the Delaware legislature on Thursday, June 16th passed several gun control bills that are now headed to Gov. John Carney (D) for his signature.  Regrettably, these bills were made priorities by legislative leaders in a knee-jerk reaction to national headlines.  While these bills may give anti-rights legislators something to cheer about, the peaceable people of Delaware will be paying a price for their actions.

Of the bills heading to the governor’s desk, House Bill 450 and Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6 are the most egregious.  House Bill 450 would prohibit the manufacture, sale, offer to sell, transfer, purchase, receipt, possession, or transport of “assault weapons” in Delaware, with very limited exceptions. Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6 is a 17-round mag ban with no grandfathering clause.  A first-time violation, under Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6, involving only possession of a large-capacity magazine would be a civil violation involving a $100 fee, and a second violation involving only possession would be a class B misdemeanor.

FPC opposes these bills and any other gun control efforts that are currently active in Delaware’s state legislature.  We are encouraging our supporters and fellow gun rights advocates to write Gov. Carney to demand he veto these bills. Gov. Carney needs to be reminded that the citizens of Delaware do not want their rights legislated away.  To write Gov. Carney simply use FPC’s constituent outreach tool located on this page.  FPC has already drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to the governor’s inbox.  We thank you for standing up against this legislative overreach and for your continued support of FPC!