Vaccine Mandate and Mask Mandate issues!

Posted on 09-14-2021


Sign Waving Event: All details are in the flyer below. Our sign waving event is part of a National Day of No Mandates

Our event is on Saturday 9/25. Please distribute in a timely way.
Thank you,
Al Frech, PhD
Sentinel- Heritage Action
Chpt. Leader, MassResistance.Org
Whether you are vaccinated or not, it should be your decision.

If the government can unconstitutionally force citizens to have experimental substances injected into their bodies, where’s the limit on what they can force us to submit to?

Because we’re getting so many calls about the vaccine mandate (which was issued by President Biden just before the 9/11 Day of Remembrance news cycle), here is an excellent resource from First Liberty for those seeking a way to be exempt from forced vaccination.

The religious exemption is based on the fact that cell lines from aborted fetal tissue were used to test and/or develop Covid-19 vaccines.

Medical exemption forms can also be requested from your employer or school.

Download Vaccine Toolkit
In Truth and Freedom,
Nicole Theis
Delaware Strong Families
Delaware Family Policy Council
  P.S. Click here to listen to Dr. Al Mohler’s analysis of President Biden’s recent vaccine mandates.