Urgent! Response Needed – SR1 #CorruptPoliticiansAct debated TOMORROW in Congress l Your Voice

Posted on 05-11-2021

Hello All,
Tell Coons and Carper to vote No on SR I to be debated tomorrow 5/11. Also known as the #CorruptpPoliticiansAct.
This is not a time to say they won’t listen it’s a waste. They need to hear our voices and know we are alive active and watching. What happens in DC will be felt here in DE.

See the email from Heritage Action below as to how you can follow along and make comments. BUT ALSO WHAT ACTION YOU CAN TAKE TO MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN. 

What happens in DC with this legislation will reverberate in DE and make our elections less safe and controlled by the Federal Gov’t and no longer by State Legislatures.
Please read below what this Bill  does to elections and call Coons and Carper Simple message: Vote NO on SR 1
They will be flooded so call early tomorrow and leave voice mail message or call tonight. If all on this message called they would take notice that there are many watching.
Coons 202.224.5042
Carper 202.224.2441