Upcoming Sussex Teen Age Republicans (STARS) Events

Posted on 03-11-2021

Sussex Teen Age Republicans will be joining students and families who will be rallying to re-open schools on the ONE YEAR anniversary of our schools being closed in Delaware. Please join STARS at our booth and support this event. 

“March 15th marks 1 YEAR since our schools were closed. Other States and Counties have reopened, five days a week, with or without their Governor’s “permission.” Private schools are fully open. The YMCA and the BOYS & GIRLS CLUB have never closed their full time childcare within our school buildings. Are they “COVID free zones?” The majority of our children are not being educated and many have fallen into depression, suffering from anxiety, obesity, addictions, and some are stuck in abusive situations within their own homes. We are not opening up fast enough and we have lost many of our children to suicide. Follow the Science! It is safe for our kids to be in school! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! FULLY REOPEN ALL SCHOOLS, FULL TIME 5 DAYS A WEEK, NOW!
Co-Hosts: Delaware Students Deserve To Be In School & Delaware HS Athletes Parent Grouphttps://fb.me/e/16RNyPDl8

The Sussex Teen Age Republicans (STARS) will be going to Mt Rushmore with stops at Crazy Horse and Devil’s Tower.

We leave 5/1/2021 and will return 5/5/2021.

Please email if interested in joining STARS and attending this trip at : delawarestars123@gmail.com