Training, Training, Training!!!

Posted on 09-30-2021

Calling all candidates, volunteers, the Make My Vote Count group and all who are, or would like to be a Neighborhood Team Leader!


Voter Registration Training

First, on October 13, the Department of Elections is holding a training for anyone who would like to register new voters or help voters change their registration. The training takes about an hour or so, and the Department offers two time slots. You must sign up by October 1, so Contact Rebecca Argo at (302) 739-4498 or to confirm a training date, reserve seats, and for additional information!! There are lots of dissatisfied Democrats and Independents out there who may want to join us, and the best way to reach them is to offer them opportunities to change their registration. The Neighborhood Team Leaders will be doing just that in the next month, so take this training and then see below! Even if you are not a Neighborhood Team Leader, it would be useful if any RDC or EDC who has not taken this training signed up.  The classes are via ZOOM.


Neighborhood Team Leader Training

On October 14, we are offering our certification training for Neighborhood Team Leaders. Neighborhood Team Leaders motivate and organize Republicans in their local community.

We will teach you strategies to engage with your neighbors so that we can maximize Republican efforts and votes. We need help to take back the House and Senate and win statewide offices. Your personal engagement and understanding of the local issues will help inform our incumbents and challengers.


In the Neighborhood Team Leader training, you will learn how to recruit volunteers and keep them engaged on monthly projects.  Our first project will be Voter Registration.

What you do will make a difference. Organized efforts at the local level are the first steps to winning in November 2022. And we need to start now, so our entire state is fully engaged and invested in the success of Republicans next year.


Sign up for the Neighborhood Team Leader training here:


We will send you materials in advance, and it will be by Zoom so we can reach everyone statewide. We look forward to seeing many of you there.


Campaign Management Training

We are also excited about another training in October. The renowned Campaign Management School offered by The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) is coming to Dover on October 16th. It is open to all Republicans and teaches about all aspects of a winning campaign. It is a great training for candidates, media and communications or marketing staff, and those who are going to door knock and staff booths at events. You can register for the NFRW Campaign Management School here:

For more information about the event or scholarships, call Cathy Watts, President of the Delaware Federation of Republican Women, at 410-924-8596.

Finally, to anyone who is part of the Make My vote Count group, I encourage you to participate in the Department of Elections training. We will be offering an election day operations training in late November or early December We are awaiting confirmation from our trainers