Time is running out! ⏰

Posted on 10-06-2022

This election is truly the most important election in our lifetime. We must do everything in our power to WIN. Our campaign has built momentum for months. This weekend we received the major endorsements from the Delaware FOP & Delaware State Troopers Association.

The endorsements confirm that Delaware law enforcement is entirely behind my candidacy. The endorsements also confirm the divide between Delaware law enforcement and current Attorney General. 

We can’t afford to let my LYING opponent win. We can’t afford their terrible policies for another four more years.  With your help, we will SAVE OUR COUNTRY! TELL KATHY DELAWARE IS NOT SAFER SINCE SHE TOOK OFFICE

We can’t do it without you! Julianne Murray For Delaware (winred.com)

Fearless Out, 

Murray For Delaware | 215 E Market St, Georgetown, DE 19947