Senate Republicans Present: The Farmer – Teaser Trailer

Posted on 09-26-2022

Record high fuel costs, labor shortages, and rising inflation have negatively impacted the economy throughout Delaware

and the United States,

yet no industry has been hit has hard as, perhaps, agriculture.

We wanted to learn first-hand what those in the farming industry are experiencing.

Our Delaware Senate Republican Caucus’s upcoming mini documentary:
The Farmer, will debut on YouTube, Rumble, and Facebook.
In the meantime,
please enjoy the accompanying teaser trailer previewing what we heard.

Quote Senate Brian Pettyjohn:

The challenges of farming are more than the average person could ever fathom. The amount of planning, work, and perseverance it takes to bring food to your table in our economy is staggering. We look to understand these challenges from the agricultural sector in order to offer better solutions in our legislative process.