The Delaware Plan

Posted on 07-30-2022

Rescue Delaware Plan was unveiled. 

“We recognize that Republicans must do more than say Democrat policies are bad. We have to offer what we, as a Republican Party, will affirmatively work toward achieving, what we feel will save, or rescue, Delaware. We have identified the major policy areas where reform is most needed, such as jobs, education, healthcare and public safety. We offer a fresh perspective to improve these areas through solid Republican principles and, where applicable, market- and community-based solutions. We are willing to be a partner and ally to our state’s job creators, entrepreneurs, parents, service providers, first responders, and citizens. It’s time to make Delaware work for all!”

We unveiled a new Rescue Delaware Plan at our State Convention over the weekend. Get the full Convention recap and learn about the Plan at:

Read the full document at:

Delaware GOP Website: