The Day After Message:

Posted on 11-09-2022

         Greetings, fellow Republicans,                               November 9, 2022                           

Last night and early this morning, I felt as though I’d been punched in the gut.  Disappointment was an understatement.  And then I looked at the numbers.   Please keep in mind that in Delaware, Democrats have a 2-1 advantage when it comes to party registration.  When I did a review of the stats, here’s what I found:   Lee Murphy lost by 12% but he improved his margin over his last run by 5 points.   Julianne Murray, Greg Coverdale and Janice Lorrah each managed to make these races a lot closer than Democrats ever expected.  Each were within 8 points of their opposition and two of these were novice candidates.   All four of these statewide candidates won in Kent and in Sussex.  This makes my wonder, “What is in the water above the ditch?”   Locally, here is the rundown:   Fewer than 1000 votes or less than 4% separated Steve Smyk and Russ Huxtable in SD 6.   Dallas Wingate faced a woman who has been very involved in the community for her entire life.  She has sat on multiple Boards of Directors and commissions, thus offering her sway in places we probably wouldn’t be able to identify.  Fewer than 400 votes or less than 3% divided these two. Carl Phelps did not fare as well but keep in mind he was running against a 10-year incumbent who just happened to be the Speaker of the House. Jeff Hilovsky, a newly minted politician, was successful in our recently acquired RD 4.  Jeff beat the Democrat by 2,000 votes or close to 18 points in a race that also had an Independent in the field.Senators Bryant Richardson and Dave Wilson were successful.  Representatives Danny Short and Rich Collins also were victorious.  The County Council will be welcoming John Rieley and Doug Hudson back in the fold.  Finally, Sheriff Robert Lee will continue in his office handily beating the Libertarian candidate.  
Republican candidates won the machine vote in a number of races, but early and absentee voting were their undoing.  It appears that Democrats like voting early or by absentee.  We Republicans are traditionalists and like to wait for “the day.”  Apparently, we also are not very good about voting in mid-term elections.  Only 43% of us thought enough of the process to exercise this precious right and responsibility.  In my mind, there is no way to justify this, and I would love to learn why some are not interested in participating.   So, we will participate in Return Day tomorrow.  Then we will do a post-mortem with our candidates to determine what we need to adjust as we prepare for 2024.  We will be looking for candidates to run for U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, Lt. Governor, and local offices. Let’s keep focused and look forward.  
Finally, thanks to all our volunteers.  Your hard work did not go unnoticed. You are so important to the cause and your efforts are valued.  Please plan to attend our “thank you” pizza party on November 14th at Old Paths Church of Christ, 6:30 PM. (RSVP to and put “PIZZA” in the subject line.) We will also be collecting non-perishables for the Delaware Food Bank and new unwrapped toys for the Marine Corps Annual Toys for Tots campaign.
  Marilyn Booker, Chair Sussex County Republican Committee  
Meeting at Old Paths Church of Christ Assembly Hall
18295 Redden Road
Georgetown DE 19947