Ted Kittila is Running for State Representative!

Posted on 02-19-2022

Greetings Fellow Republicans!

         Please consider assisting Ted Kittila in his run for State Representative. This is a Special Election with a very short timeframe for Ted to get his message and voters out. Phone calls, “road trips” to New Castle to help with door-knocking and literature drops would be a major help. Of course, if you are unable to donate your time, a donation in the form of money is also most welcome. Please see the links below to take action! We must decrease the margin the House Democrats have in Dover!
Marilyn Booker, Chair
Sussex County Republican Committee
Volunteers Needed for Special Election
Every Day / Any Day
Door Knocking, Lit Dropping or Phone Calls

Courtesy of:  The Northern New Castle County Region Republican Committee

Your help is needed in this sprint of a campaign. There are openings every day between now and the March 5 election day.

Volunteer where you’re most comfortable. Knock on doors and spread the word (these are mostly Republicans you’ll be speaking to), deliver campaign material, make phone calls or more.

Republicans are converging from all over the state to support this campaign. Let’s make sure Northern Region Republicans are out in force on our home turf.
Volunteer for Special Election Support
See Ted’s WEBSITE for more information or to make campaign contributions.

Ted Kittila NCC 4th RD

The election is only three weeks away – let’s start working toward a win today!