Sussex County GOP Office

Posted on 09-17-2020

Trump yard signs @$5.00 each.  Note: They are gone as fast as they come in! ~  Thank you for being understanding.  
When other candidates drop off their signs you can pick one up for free.  
Right now we have two different Trump flag designs @$10.00 each.  One is the Blue & White- No More BS…the other a Black & Red- Gun Owners for Trump.  We are waiting for one more design of a blue & white -Trump Make America Great.
We also carry T-Shirts made for us right here in Lincoln, Delaware.  We carry  4 designs.
Feel free to stop in the Sussex County GOP office at 131 East Market Street, Georgetown hours 9-3 Monday thru Friday, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm or call us at 302-856-6323.