Survey Says: Delawareans Overwhelmingly Oppose Zero-Emission Vehicle Standards Mandate

Posted on 03-06-2023

Up to this point, opposition to Governor Carney’s and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s (DNREC) electric vehicle mandate has primarily been anecdotal. Hundreds of you wrote to DNREC expressing your concerns and many more have told us either via email, phone, or verbally, that you do not support an executive branch regulation banning the sale of new gasoline or diesel-fueled automobiles.    We now have empirical data stating the overwhelming majority of Delawareans DO NOT support this mandate. In February, Ragnar Research Partners conducted a statewide poll of registered voters asking what their opinion was of the proposal and the results are eye-opening. 73% of respondents opposed, including 82% of Republicans, 77% independent or unaffiliated voters, and 64% of Democrats. Support peaked at 20% among these groups. Only 15% of respondents living in Wilmington support the mandate.   It is abundantly clear that the citizens of Delaware across the political spectrum do not want this. We call on Governor Carney and Secretary Garvin to immediately scrap their proposal, and for the governor to rescind his executive order tying us to California’s destructive regulations.   Your voice can still be heard. If you haven’t already, please contact Governor John Carney (, 302-577-8154) and DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin ( and tell them you oppose their mandate. Be sure to also include your local legislators.   Click here to view the entire survey.
Click here to view the entire survey.

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