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Posted on 09-08-2021

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

This event takes place wherever citizens and area residents wish to participate in thanking local law enforcement – it starts with you! Anyone can choose to adopt a department, have a meal delivered to a nearby agency, rally your neighborhood to display blue ribbons in support of our police officers, hold a church service for LEO’s, help your children or classroom write letters to each officer at your local PD.   #thankapoliceofficerday
Thank you for joining this event in honor of local police officers. We are so grateful to have had folks stepping up to adopt departments for September 18th!
Since we’ve been asked for ideas, we’re reposting a few suggestions for ways to participate. Please remember, there is no “right way” to observe Thank A Police Officer Day – it is whatever you and your team, family, class, workplace or neighborhood decide as a project to show appreciation to our LEO’s.
To adopt a department or if you have questions, feel free to email us or send a message. Thank you! Please note: we encourage anyone to contact a station first and ask what would be a suitable time for them, as not all agencies have staff available. It’s also a good idea to double check policies of accepting food items as some will request wrapped/packaged items only.
• Help your children make cards or write letters to officers as a “gratitude project”. Deliver with balloons and protein bars or a fruit basket.
• Host a first responder appreciation event at your church.
• Send over pizza for the night shift at a local station (please check with them first for a suitable time to accept such a delivery).
• Take cards into work and have your co-workers help to fill them with words of inspiration and appreciation. Send to officers or coordinate a lunch delivery that week.
• Goody bags of useful, consumable items are always appreciated. Think of things such as individually wrapped packages of beef jerky or nuts, protein bars, Gatorade, energy drinks, small packs of hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. Include a message of support and distribute generously.
• Post an encouraging message of support on your outdoor business sign. Be sure and tag us so we can share on our page!
• Ask your mayor and elected officials to issue a proclamation honoring police in your town or city.
• See more at our blog post “25 Ideas for Celebrating Thank A Police Officer Day in Your Community @
Thank you,
Delmarva Supports Law Enforcement