State Rep. Tim Dukes for the 40th District.

Posted on 02-01-2023

Tim takes the Oath of Office for another term.

PHOTO HIGHLIGHT: Tim was joined recently by his wife, Dottie, as he was sworn into office for another term as State Representative for the 40th District.

Tim participates in a briefing on DNREC’s Electric Vehicle mandate.

Tim recently attended a briefing in Dover to discuss ongoing efforts by DNREC to ban the sale of all new gasoline and diesel cars, trucks, and SUVs.   DNREC is engaged in the process of promulgating California’s Clean Car II regulations. The rules will require that by the fall of 2025 (model year 2026) 35% of all new light-duty vehicles sold in Delaware be zero-emission vehicles. The percentage increases every year afterward with the sale of new fuel-powered vehicles banned by model year 2035. Even the sale of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, which are classified as zero-emission vehicles under the California rules, would be restricted to no more than 20% of new car sales that same year.   During public workshops held to discuss the new rules, DNREC officials maintained the new regulations were in the best environmental interests of Delaware. However, Delaware already meets federal air quality standards and has the option of observing the less restrictive federal benchmarks rather than adopting the more problematic California protocols.   DNREC will reportedly take the next step to promulgate the Clean Car II regulations between now and March, when an announcement will be published in the state Register of Regulations.
TAKE ACTION NOW. It’s time to express your concerns, Delaware.
EV Mandate Call to Action!!
Tell Governor Carney and DNREC Secretary Garvin
you OPPOSE their mandate!

Tell Governor Carney and DNREC Secretary Garvin
you OPPOSE their mandate!
Secretary Garvin:
Governor Carney: