Posted on 03-13-2023

NEWS: Sussex High School Students Get Life Lessons from Accomplished CEO

MARCH 10, 2023 — In his continuing work to give local high school students the tools they need to be effective leaders, State Rep. Jeff Hilovsky welcomed entrepreneur Frederic Jouhet to Sussex Central High School today.

The chairman of Avantius Group, Mr. Jouhet, has founded numerous successful companies including MacuHealth, which markets a nutraceutical effective at preventing and treating macular degeneration. Mr. Jouhet also holds law degrees in France and the U.S.

More than 300 students from three area high schools came to hear Mr. Jouhet discuss his life, career, and keys to achievement. He cited “persistence” as one of the best qualities to embrace. “You always have to have the mindset that what you are trying to do is possible.”

He provided the students with seven steps to help guide them to better results:

1. Have a routine

2. Challenge yourself

3. Be positive

4. Have a plan (“Without discipline, you never start. Without goals, you never finish.”)

5. Seek perspective

6. Don’t fear failure (“You are going to fail. Accept it. Embrace it. Learn from it. Learn to love it.”)

7. Never give up.

“If you think the price of winning is too high,” Mr. Jouhet said, “wait until you get the bill from regret.”

Rep. Hilovsky said he was thrilled Mr. Jouhet agreed to come to speak. “This man was broken twice in his life, embraced education, sought and seized opportunities, and achieved success,” he said. “His story gives these students a glimpse of how broad their horizons can be, and that insight could change the trajectory of their lives for the better.