State Land Sold For Pennies To Political Insider By Carney Administration

Posted on 10-13-2020

The Republican Party of Delaware joins the call for a full investigation into public land sold for pennies on the dollar to an influential Democrat under Governor Carney’s watch.

GOP Governor candidate Julianne Murray said, “This land deal is a perfect example of how career politicians operate to benefit only each other and with complete disregard for the people of Delaware.  This is what happens after years of one party rule when we have no checks and balances in the state.  We need a Governor that puts the people of the First State first.”

“Our own Sam Chick, Chair of the Delaware Young Republicans, took the initiative to go where no investigative journalist chose to go” said Jane Brady, Chair of the Delaware Republican Party. “The conduct and details exposed in the below release are shocking.”

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Contact: Sam Chick

Citizen-led investigation exposes the Carney administration for selling state land for pennies on the dollar to a political insider in a secret sweetheart deal. For full details go to

11 acres of land bought by the State of Delaware in October 2008 (in the midst of the last economic crash) for $2.78 million were sold by the Carney administration on New Year’s Eve 2018 for $275,000, less than ten cents on the dollar of the purchase price, without public notice or auction to a well-connected political insider, John Paradee.

6 months later a tax subsidy was introduced & passed by Paradee’s state senator brother, Trey Paradee, which would have greatly benefitted the property’s value. Two weeks later those 11 acres plus 10 adjacent acres were listed for sale for $6,500,000.

Despite previous media attention to related scandals concerning this property, key facts about this transaction, including the facts that it was purchased from the State of Delaware, how much it sold for, and how much it was originally purchased for, were not uncovered or reported on prior to this investigation.
Paradee is a major supporter and fundraiser for both Governor John Carney and Joe Biden and is often pictured with both. Besides his legislator brother, his sister Jackie Mette Paradee is Governor Carney’s staff legal counsel and also served as his 2016 campaign fundraising director.  

This year-in-the-making investigation was conducted by Delaware citizen watchdog Sam Chick, who first became suspicious when the 2019 tax subsidy was introduced. “I had a hunch someone was being enriched, so I began to dig: researching, initiating title searches into suspect properties, filing a FOIA request on December 10th, 2019 which still has not been completely fulfilled.”

“What was revealed was a political insider receiving state land for pennies on the dollar and special treatment through a secretive and abnormal sale process.” Chick continued.

Chick calls for a government investigation: “The abuse of the public trust for private gain is a serious problem in the state of Delaware. Corruption must be exposed and dealt with. The people of Delaware deserve accountability from our government; we need a full investigation into this rotten deal.”

For more information, go to The site features a detailed catalog of events, evidence and sources, and a public download of investigatory documents.