State Constitution Course ~ Congratulations, Delaware!

Posted on 04-07-2022

The Institute on the Constitution Honors a Delawarean 


“A Comprehensive Study of the Delaware State Constitution” is now complete, thanks to Larry Mayo and his team!


This is the second State Constitution Course that we have completed out of 50! Visit the link below to help your state constitution course reach the finish line:


We want to celebrate our Delaware volunteer, Mr. Larry Mayo, for helping with research and development of the Delaware State Constitution Course.

Say the name Larry Mayo and if you know anything about Delaware politics then you know Larry.  His name is synonymous with his teaching of the US Constitution.  Larry’s name is known by Legislators, Judges and Elective Officials statewide.  Most have his number on speed dial!


Larry’s journey began approximately 14 years ago when he got a pocket constitution at a rally in Dover, DE. A short time later he graduated our US Constitution Course taught by our founder and former US Presidential Candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka.


The rest is history.


For well over a decade now Larry has been one of IOTC’s most successful instructors teaching students who are now Instructors. Larry has graduated over 500 students that have included, local, state, and federal representatives and officials.


If you ask Larry why he teaches several classes a week, runs his own business, supports a family, and serves as a board member with the Institute on the Constitution, he will tell you, “God put me in this position for a purpose and I don’t argue with Him”.





Thank you for your interest in our FREE US Constitution classes. Classes will begin in January of 2022, and I am excited to see so many people interested in these classes, so thank you in advance. So far, I have these classes scheduled (listed below) and am looking for venues in the Dover area, so if you know of any churches, or other free venues with the capability of projecting audio and video power point presentations, feel free to send their contact info to me. To pre- register, simply reply with your name and which class you will be attending and any other questions.

Larry Mayo


There is an optional but highly recommended workbook available at the links below in a printed version or as a digital download:


Take the Next Step by Studying Our Free U.S. Constitution Course:

To register send your name and which location they will be attending to: and if you want to order a manual go here:


State Constitution manual


State Manual digital download

2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of Lord is, there is liberty”

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