Special Session Set for October 26th ~Senator Brian Pettyjohn

Posted on 10-17-2022

The Senate Pro Tempore has called for a special session on Wednesday, October 26th for the purpose of confirming judicial nominations and considering Senate Bill 348 (SB 348). One day of special session before January is not uncommon, but it is rare that the General Assembly considers legislation on this day. 
As many of you are aware, the state is changing state pensioners’ health coverage from Medicare to a new Medicare Advantage plan. I disagree with the move, particularly with the seemingly rushed timeline and lack of communication ahead of the change. However, the contract between the state and Highmark Blue Cross Blue shield has been signed, and there appears to be little the Legislature can do to halt it. 
My statement in the press release announcing the legislation reads:
“In September, our caucus organized two town halls providing the opportunity for state pensioners and administration officials to come together and have questions answered about the new Medicare Advantage plan. One thing became very clear: Retirees need a seat at the table for this and future decisions regarding their health coverage. They dedicated their careers to serving Delawareans and we must do what we can to ensure their retirement healthcare is the best it can be.”
SB 348 does just that, providing much-need representation for retirees who must have a say in their healthcare coverage by creating a new subcommittee to oversee contractual compliance. 
To be clear, I am not happy with how this has transpired, but I do think this legislation is needed. I am committed to seeing that state pensioners receive the best possible health coverage.
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