… she stayed silent

Posted on 11-07-2022

Election day is tomorrow. This is where your support goes the furthest.   Chip in to help me reach everyone in Delaware so we can take back the House!  Joe Biden’s border is a crisis. It’s worse than ever before, there’s no debating that at this point. The saddest part is that we were actually making progress on illegal immigration under the former administration until the Biden Administration halted the policies that were working purely out of spite! Congress needs an adult, not playground politics.  Part of a Congressperson’s arsenal is the soap box to stand up for what’s right. Lisa Blunt Rochester has sat silently on the border crisis …    

SUPPORT WHAT’S RIGHT   She hasn’t spoken out against Biden acting unilaterally through executive action.   She hasn’t spoken out about the tragic circumstances along the border.   Congress needs to act. The President needs to act. And our Congressional Representative needs to follow the voice and will of The People, not a political party. With your help and support, I will be that voice and vote for Delaware. 

Thank you, Lee Murphy 
 Our mailing address is:
707 Lore Ave
Wilmington, DE 19809-3050