September Meeting Cancelation

Posted on 09-09-2020

We have decided to cancel our September 14th meeting for the good of the order!

A huge thank you to all the members  who have joined us these past months via zoom and in person to support the committee and candidates.  As we are all very much aware… our  Delaware Primaries will be held on September the 15th!!!

Many of you will be finishing the last minute election details that are of utmost importance to the party; our state and country!   Thank you in advance to all those who have offered to work at our county election polling sites.  It is a vitally important task.   We would be remiss in our appreciation to not include the many candidates who have given of their time.   For those who attended the zoom/
American Legion Post 28 to share with us we are grateful for your time and efforts.   

Some of you may read this thinking you have no rule to play.  As residents of Delaware a greatest contribution  would be to VOTE!  All of the Primary candidates have news articles as well as several videos/links with information posted right here on our website for you.    Until our next month meeting… See you at the Polls!