Senator Brian Pettyjohn · SB65 – FAST

Posted on 02-17-2021

During the 150th General Assembly, I introduced Senate Bill 65, the Focus on Alternative Skills Training Program (FAST) act and I am proud to reintroduce SB65 in the 151st. The legislation will provide up to $9,000 in tuition to Delaware residents who have obtained a high school diploma, Diploma of Alternative Achievement Standards, or GED and have enrolled in an approved non-degree credit certificate program. 
The aim is to help students who have an interest in pursuing a technical career, but who may have a financial barrier preventing them from receiving the proper accredited training.
Delaware has a huge need for blue collar vocational workers. The jobs are often high-paying, but the pool of workers is very slim. We can increase the number of qualified tradespeople by passing and enacting SB65.
If Delaware needs tradespeople, then Delaware needs FAST.