Senate Resolution 11

Posted on 03-13-2023

Currently, the federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, just as it does for narcotics such as heroin and LSD. This classification indicates cannabis does not have any accepted medicinal uses, even though it is widely used as a form of medicine. Additionally, because it is a Schedule I drug, anyone who purchases medical marijuana is committing a federal crime, even if it is technically legal in a state such as Delaware.

That is why I introduced Senate Resolution 11 (SR 11). SR 11 simply urges our federal legislators to support a bill that would deschedule marijuana.

Thank you to my colleagues who supported the resolution and I look forward to the debate we anticipate having next week as House Bills 1 and 2 make their way to the Senate floor for a vote.

Learn more about the resolution here:

Senator Eric Buckson | 411 Legislative Avenue, Dover, DE 19901

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