Senate Republican Whip Brian Pettyjohn (citing statistics)

Posted on 06-13-2022

Governor Carney, Members of the General Assembly Announce Gun Safety Package

On Thursday, Governor Carney and Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate announced their intentions to pass a number of bills that would restrict your Second Amendment rights. More details, including the proposed legislation, can be found here.

Here are my thoughts, as well as a link to the Fox News article in which my statement, as well as quotes from Senators Hocker and Bonini, appear.

“‘Rather than attacking hobbyists and those who wish to protect their families, Governor Carney and Democratic leaders should instead focus on the high number of firearms-related charges that do not get prosecuted in our state,’ Senate Republican Whip Brian Pettyjohn said, citing statistics that show that 81% of gun-related charges in 2020 were dismissed.”