Senate Committee Assignments Made for 151st General Assembly

Posted on 12-14-2020

At the beginning of each new General Assembly, the Senate Pro Tempore determines the list of Senate committees and assignments. The number and title of the committees often varies with each new Pro Tempore. The 151st General Assembly will feature 18 Senate committees.
Senator Ernie Lopez will join the Joint Finance Committee for the first time in his legislative career. “I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to further serve the people of Eastern Sussex County and the state as a new member of the Joint Finance Committee,” said Senator Lopez. “While we are in the midst of the most serious fiscal and health challenge of our lifetime, with resourcefulness, prudence and a spirit of bipartisanship, we will restore the economic strength of our state and the wellbeing of our fellow Delawareans.”
The Joint Capital Improvement Committee (Bond) will have a familiar face returning. Senator Dave Wilson served on the committee as a member of the House of Representatives and will again do so as a member of the Senate. “It’s an honor to be asked to again serve on the Capital Improvement Committee,” said Senator Wilson. “I am proud of the work we accomplished while I was a member in the House and I look forward to serving the people of Delaware in this important capacity for a second time.”

As a member of Senate leadership, Minority Whip Brian Pettyjohn will sit on a number of key committees, including Executive, Legislative Council, and Rules and Ethics. “In working with Senators Sokola and Townsend, Senator Hocker and I advocated for the members of our caucus to be included in committees that were reflective of their backgrounds, strengths, and the needs of their districts,” Senator Pettyjohn said.
The 151st General Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.