“Senate bill looks to teach Delaware students how to ID actual fake news online” SB195

Posted on 02-10-2022

Greetings, Fellow Republicans,

As I write this, I am still very concerned about what is occurring in our schools.  The DE General Assembly is once again reaching into the curricula in our local schools.  SB 195 is out of committee and is going to a floor vote in March, after the Joint Finance Committee break.  Once again they are trying to “parent” our children by “helping” them determine appropriate websites from which they should obtain information.  They have wrapped this takeover in the euphemism of “Media literacy” and have dubbed it as “The Digital Citizenship Education Act.”  At first blush this may look innocuous.  However, I doubt that very much.  It is yet another way to indoctrinate our children to promote a liberal, progressive agenda.
They are leaving it to the Department of Education to write “evidenced-based literacy standards” for use by the districts and charter schools in K-12.  *So we will have the Department of Education determine which news organizations are credible and which ones are not..
There are a couple of things we can and should do:
  1. Write to your Representative and Senator that you oppose *SB 195 and thank them for standing strong against it.
  2. Make certain we elect and re-elect Republicans to the General Assembly
  3. Find candidates to run for the School Board in your School District
There will be School Board elections in the following Districts here in Sussex:
  • Cape Henlopen    1 Position  At Large 
  • Delmar                 2 Positions At Large – to fill unexpired terms
  • Indian River.        Districts 1 & 2 – each to fill unexpired terms
  • Laurel                  1 position At Large
  • Milford*                District D and At Large
  • Seaford.              1 position At Large
  • Woodbridge*       1 position At Large
Even if you don’t have children in the school system, please give some consideration to running for one of these positions. If you decide you are interested, contact the Sussex GOP at SussexGOP@protonmail.com.  We need to protect our children and have a voice!
Marilyn Booker, Chair
Sussex County Republican Committee


*With the digital age upon us, a new bill wants to make sure Delaware’s students are better equipped to identify actual fake news.

The Delaware Library Association is teaming up with the nonprofit EveryLibrary to support state Sen. Sarah McBride’s  Senate Bill 195, The Digital Citizenship Education Act, which seeks to create a Media Literacy Standard for students to ensure they know how to critical consider information presented to them–from both news sources and “news sources.”

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