Senate Bill 58 ~ Dave Lawson

Posted on 02-05-2021

With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more readily available by the week, the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight. Thousands of Delawareans have voluntarily gone to drive-in vaccination events across the state to be vaccinated.

However, there is a portion of the population who has concerns about the vaccine and the speed in which it was developed. Currently, Delaware Code gives the governor authorization to mandate citizens receive an inoculation while a public health State of Emergency is in place.

I have introduced Senate Bill 58 to alleviate these concerns and preserve freedom of choice. SB58 specifically prevents the Executive Branch from forcing the citizens of Delaware to receive a COVID-19 vaccine should the governor consider such a mandate.

Once the bill has been posted to the General Assembly website, I will be sure to share the link to this page.

A Delaware lawmaker is proposing legislation that would prohibit a governor from requiring any citizen of the state to get a COVID-19 vaccination.