School Board Elections

Posted on 04-30-2023

       You don’t need to be a registered voter to vote in a Delaware School Board election.
But if you are a registered voter, use this handy link to look up polling places and find out what school district you live:
    Greetings, fellow Republicans,

On Tuesday, May 9th there will be School Board Elections.  The candidates we are supporting, Shawn Lovenguth, Cape Henlopen; Michael Bellerose, Indian River – district 2; and Shane Bowden, Delmar, have spoken at our Region and local club meetings.  As you know, turn-out for these elections has always been less than enthusiastic.  In addition to encouraging you to vote on May 9th, I am requesting that you take some time to make some phone calls in support of these candidates.   If you are able to assist, please contact our Vice-Chair, Lewis W Briggs, II at  (302) 245-0024 or   Aside from the importance of taking back control of the curricula in our schools and standing for the rights of parents, remember that schools get 90% of our property taxes and they do have the potential to impact your tax burden.  

Please make sure you vote on May 9th.  The future of our children depends on it.  

Marilyn Booker,
Chair Sussex County Republican Committee