SB-3 and SB-6 letter to the Governor plus Action Item!

Posted on 05-10-2021

The hearing on SB3, the horrific permit to purchase a handgun bill, is tomorrow.   Please sign up for the zoom if you have not already done so.   This bill will make the purchase of a handgun prohibitivly expensive for many low income people and wio get people killed by not allowing them to purchase a gun without a lengthy delay.   Google “Carol Bownes New Jersey” to see what this bill will cause.
Letter from the Sussex Republican Executive Committee and the Sussex Republican Women’s Club:

The Sussex County Republican Women’s Club and the Sussex Region Republican Committee are submitting this letter to voice our opposition to SB 3 and SB 6.  As taxpayers and your constituents, we hope that you will give it the serious consideration that we believe it deserves.


Senate Bill 3 will cause law-abiding citizens to incur additional and costly charges to own a gun and unknown waiting times for permit approvals. This policy is discriminatory toward anyone who wants to own a gun and can’t afford it because of all the additional costs. It will end up hurting the law-abiding citizens, but not criminals. In general, criminals are not too concerned with laws or following them. Also, the fact that unelected and unaccountable state officials are the ones with the power to deny a purchaser card to anyone they deem as a threat, is concerning. What method will they use to make that determination?  What are the criteria?


The excessive financial burden this law places on an individual is unconstitutional and unfair. It is also regressive in that the very people who live in the most violent areas would not be able to afford to purchase this means of self-defense.  With bills like this, only the wealthy will be allowed to purchase guns to protect themselves. A background check when purchasing a gun is already in effect. Most gun owners go out of their way to follow and abide by the laws.


There have been many Second Amendment rallies held in Delaware- no violence has ever occurred. I think this demonstrates the point that it is not the average gun-owning citizen that is a threat. This is nothing but another assault on peaceful, responsible Americans. This bill is another attack on our Second Amendment, which is an absolute right guaranteed by our founding fathers in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.


Senate Bill 6 has the potential to turn law-abiding citizens into felons for owning magazines with the capacity of over 17 rounds. These are likely to be people who have no previous records of violent or criminal behavior, paid their taxes and bills on time, followed laws, and are good citizens.  This is not fair.  A violation of this law would place a felony on this person’s record, causing excessive harm and damage and possibly prohibiting them from finding employment.


In addition, the “buy-back program” listed in this bill for large capacity magazines, is to be overseen by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.  This is questionable at best. As we look at the current situation, the government seems incapable of managing any program. It is this department that is responsible for our border safety and security.  However, we find that people on the terror watch list have walked across our borders along with the ultra-violent MS13 gang members. And what groups have been rioting and rampaging through our cities at night? Not the average American gun owner who is being targeted by all of these unconstitutional gun laws. Is it fair to penalize a majority of Americans because of the acts criminals commit?


At all of the second amendment rallies held in Delaware and across the country there have been no riots, no violence, no National Guard call-ups, and no attacks on police personnel. Why doesn’t our government concentrate on securing our borders, stop defunding the police, stop no cash bail, deport violent alien criminals, and no more “catch and release?”  The Government has enough on its plate handling these issues and should stop harassing the American people. When buyback programs have been implemented in other countries, the population became, to a certain extent, disarmed. Crime spiked; criminals had the advantage.


Government overreach has to stop- all of you work for “we the people”. Please remember that and focus on criminals, not the American people. Do you honestly think a criminal will pay attention to any of these laws, anyway?  We challenge anyone to provide statistical data the proves that these restrictions have decreased the incidence of gun violence.  Chicago, New York, Philadelphia are all examples of cities that have some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books.  Sadly, they also have some of the highest incidents of gun violence and these are increasing.


Finally, the Department of Homeland Security, the police, or any other government entity should never be used against the American people. Their jobs are to protect and serve us, not to harm and terrorize us.


Below are the member of the House Judicial committee –

 The question I have at this time is can we move 3 votes to the NO column.   Who can impact the most on the D side of the aisle?


Sean M. Lynn—-D—-Attorney


Krista Griffith——D——Attorney


Franklin D. Cooke—-D———Retired NCC police officer
William Bush————D——–Attorney
Gerald L. Brady———D
Sherry Dorsey Walker—D
John L. Mitchell————-D——retired NCC Police Officer
Stephen Smyk————–R——-retired Delaware  State police officer
Jeffrey N. Spiegelman—–R
Jesse R. Vanderwende—-R
Ronald E. Gray—————R

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