The mission of the Sussex County Republican Committee (SCRC) is to grow and enrich the
Republican Party for the benefit of all by assembling a constituency that promotes liberty and
freedom through organization, education, and mobilization leading to activism.

  • Individual ability, dignity, freedom, and responsibility are basic to good government.
  • The free enterprise system and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentives
    are musts for a strong economy.
  • Government exists to protect the freedom of each individual, not restrict it.
  • Government should get involved only in those things that the people cannot do or cannot
    do well for themselves.
  • Both government and society should assist those who cannot provide for themselves and
    should help them become self-supporting, productive citizens with pride in their
  • Equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity belong to all regardless of race, creed,
    color, national origin, or sex.
  • The preservation of our nation and the security of our citizens depend on every citizen’s
    respect for the Constitution, the laws, and the courts.
  • Government must maintain a sound monetary system and a responsible economy. The
    rights of life and liberty are meaningless if citizens are deprived of their property through
    excessive taxation, inflation, and government waste.
  • World peace and friendship will continue through strength.

Attached are the complete Rules: