Republican Response to the Delaware State of the State Address by Senator Sen. Brian Pettyjohn

Posted on 01-20-2023

JANUARY 19, 2023 – House and Senate Republican leaders reflected on Gov. John Carney’s 2023 State of the State Address immediately following its delivery in the Senate Chamber of Legislative Hall earlier this afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, Governor Carney addressed the General Assembly and delivered the annual State of the State. As is the case each year, there was very little to disagree with. However, as we have also seen each year, the speech lacked specifics and substance.

Delaware is facing yet another greater-than-$1 billion surplus, yet there was no plan to reduce the tax burden on small businesses and families facing financial hardship due to inflation and rising fuel prices. There was no mention of reigning in or limiting the number of extra requirements educators are tasked with that are taking them out of the classroom. There was no plan to address the low recruitment and retention rate within our state’s law enforcement community.

These issues, and more, are what I had hoped would have been focal points of the State of the State as they are topics that affect every Delawarean. Unfortunately, we heard more applause lines than solutions.

Watch the Republican Response to the Delaware State of the State Address presented by Senator Gerald Hocker, Rep. Mike Ramone, Sen. Brian Pettyjohn, and State Rep. Lyndon Yearick


To access a recording of the governor’s address, scroll down this page.  To read a text version of the SOTS Address, use this link: