Rep. Vanderwende Sends Letter to the Governor Requesting a Ban on “Vaccine Passports”

Posted on 04-29-2021

Governor Carney:
While we have few reservations about the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines being offered in Delaware, we do not believe citizens should be forced to receive inoculations against their wishes.
In recent days, we have received dozens of emails from constituents worried that the state will institute a “vaccine passport” initiative. While we are aware you have publicly indicated that you have no plans to establish such a protocol, a surprising number of our citizens remain apprehensive.
To allay these anxieties, we respectfully urge you to issue an executive order banning vaccine passports and preventing state and local governments from requiring that Delawareans provide their COVID-19 vaccination status to receive service or enter government-owned facilities.
State Reps. Danny Short, Ruth Briggs King, Charles Postles, Tim Dukes, Steve Smyk, Rich Collins, Jesse Vanderwende, Ron Gray, Mike Ramone, and Shannon Morris