Rep. Vanderwende House Sponsor Measure to Honor Law Enforcement

Posted on 01-15-2023

Rep. Vanderwende Chosen to Serve on Key House Committees

State Rep. Jesse Vanderwende and State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn were the prime sponsors of Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, honoring America’s law enforcement community by calling attention to National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  

The legislation cleared the House of Representatives late Thursday after unanimously passing the Senate on Wednesday

From the text of SCR 2:

During Colonial times, police forces were part-time and privately funded. Volunteer night watches were also common. Boston started a police force in 1636, followed by New York City in 1658 and Philadelphia in 1700.
By the late 1880s, all major cities had police forces. However, it was not until well into the 20th Century that there was a move toward professionalizing law enforcement.
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (“LEAD”) was first observed in 2015 to recognize all members of law enforcement, with a focus on police and similar state and local agencies.
The members of the Senate and the House of Representatives send their profound gratitude to the men and women in Delaware who serve as law enforcement and give of their own personal safety to protect others and make our families, communities, and workplaces safe.


Committees in the Delaware House of Representatives play a big role in whether a bill has a chance to become law.

When a sponsor introduces a bill, the Speaker of the House assigns it to a committee to be evaluated.

The House has 22 committees charged with reviewing bills dealing with topics ranging from agriculture to transportation. Each of these committees varies in size and is staffed by groups of legislators, selected by the Speaker, that have expressed an interest in serving on them. Legislators sometimes do not get all their preferred choices.

Bills must typically be considered and released by the committee to which they are assigned before they are eligible to be placed on the House Agenda and voted on by the chamber.

Bills that do not win release from committee usually die in legislative purgatory when the two-year General Assembly ends.

During the 152nd General Assembly, State Rep. Jesse Vanderwende will sit on the following House committees:

  • Agriculture
  • Corrections
  • Public Safety & Homeland Security
  • Technology & Telecommunications
  • Veterans Affairs