Rep District Chair Role(RDC/VRDC/EDC)

Rep District Chair Position Description

The Representative District Chairs (RDCs) play a critical role in the success of the Republican Party in Sussex County, the Delaware State Republican Party, and in winning elections. These will translate into positive changes for Delaware.

The RDC has a significant impact on the leadership of the GOP.  Indirectly they select the Chair of the RNC by electing the State Party Chair and the Delaware National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.  They elect the State Party Chair, the National Committeeman and woman, and the Region Chair.

While we all understand the time-consuming activities associated with election year activities, the Representative District Chair can be effective by spending a few hours per week during the “off-years” by recruiting and training a team of Election District Committeemen/women and Neighborhood Team Leaders.  Thorough and meticulous preparation in “off-years” is essential to success in election years.


  • Understand the demographics of your Representative District.   
  • Discern what issues are important to your constituents. 
  • Be the party representative at local community events. 
  • Become familiar with local influencers in the community and work with them on projects as appropriate. (e.g., cleaning up a highway, school fairs, church bazaars, etc.)  Encourage your EDCs to participate as well. 
  • Attend town meetings and forums.
  • Identify young conservative voters and minorities and encourage their participation in the party.


  • Recruit and train EDCs – two for each Election District.  Attending local Republican Club meetings can be an excellent place to recruit EDCs.  You are likely to find Republicans at pro-life rallies, meetings of groups that support the 2nd amendment, other sportsmen’s groups and church gatherings (eg. Knights of Columbus meetings), school board meetings, etc.
  • Encourage EDCs to attend the monthly Sussex County Republican Committee meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month.
  • Maintain and send to the Region Chair and Secretary an accurate list of EDCs with contact information.  Report on these at each monthly Executive Committee meeting.

Neighborhood Team Leaders

  • Recruit Neighborhood Team Leaders. 
  • Encourage them to take the training via ZOOM offered by the State Party or to attend the Volunteer Trainings as they are offered by the Sussex Region.
  • Keep in touch with them to determine how they are doing interacting with their neighbors.
  • Invite them to your monthly RD meetings


  • Facilitate voter registration training and then organize Voter Registration events.
  • Assist with obtaining absentee ballots for those who need them and then follow up to assure that the voter has submitted it.
  • Organize canvassing of your precinct. This includes making contact with Republican voters not only during election years but on off years as well. We need to keep in touch with Republicans, ask them about what issues are important to them.
  • Contact Republican voters who seldom or never vote in “off-year” elections.
  • Organize phone banks for your RD
  • Participate in meetings and trainings for RDCs when offered
  • Organize and lead monthly EDC meetings.  Invite your Representative and Senator(s) to attend.
  • Facilitate GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts
  • Attend the monthly Executive Board meetings.  If you are unable to attend you must send a proxy.
  • Attend the monthly Sussex Region Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month.


  • Be able to answer questions about the current election laws such as deadlines for registering to vote, how to register to vote, polling locations, early voting dates and times, and also be aware of local issues and candidates on the ballot.
  • Become conversant with the “Rescue Delaware Plan” and distribute the push card as you make contact with voters.
  • Know the difference between issues for the General Assembly and those that belong to the County Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission. Assist your constituents is determining the difference so the appropriate officials are notified of issues.


  • Provide candidates with the information they need to be successful in your RD
  • Distribute party and candidate literature
  • Be aware of our candidates’ support for or opposition to “hot-button” issues. 
  • Maintain up-to-date records of RD residents including contact information, party affiliation, and volunteer activities
  • Recruit volunteers who may be willing to hold a coffee or other social event for their neighbors and friends to “Meet the Candidate.”
  • Collaborate with candidates during campaigns to provide volunteers and hosts for voter contact activities such as voter registration, phone banks, and canvassing
  • Assist with recruiting volunteers to act as “Greeters” at the Republican booths at each of your EDs on election day and for early voting days
  • Maintain communication with active Republicans in your precinct who have expressed interest via phone, e-mail, Facebook, or other preferred method
  • Recruit volunteer checker/challengers to monitor polls and observe the opening and processing of absentee ballots.
  • Keep Republican elected officials aware of issues their constituents have.
  • Make your constituents aware of issues being proposed by our caucus and request that constituents make phone calls and/or write letters to support their efforts.  Encourage them to write letters to the editor of the local papers are other helpful ways to support our candidates’ efforts. 
  • Tell your constituents about the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club’s website,  This resource provides an analysis of proposed legislation translated into understandable language with recommendations for action.


  • Inform voters of Early Voting Days and locations.  Encourage voters to take advantage of these to avoid any untoward event keeping them from voting on Election Day.
  • Determine if a voter needs transportation to the polls for early voting or on Election Day.
  • Review the list of Permanent Absentee Voters and reach out to see if they need assistance to submit their completed ballots.
  • Review the listing of those who requested Absentee Ballots and encourage them to submit their completed ballots as early as they can.
  • Provide information on Election Integrity to voters who express concerns about their votes counting and encourage them to vote.