Posted on 01-09-2023

JANUARY 6, 2023 — More than two dozen people attended State Rep. Danny Short’s monthly constituent coffee meeting yesterday morning. 

Here is a brief recap of the highlights:

Stein Highway to Undergo Repairs: Rep. Short said Stein Highway in Seaford will be repaved and receive other improvements as part of a year-long project that will soon begin. Most of the work is expected to be done at night to minimize the impact on local traffic. However, residents and motorists were cautioned that they can expect the presence of heavy equipment, lane shifts, and other minor disruptions as the overdue renovations are performed.

Redeveloping the Nylon Capital Shopping Center: Seaford Mayor David Genshaw spoke at the coffee meeting on the redevelopment of the Nylon Capital Shopping Center. The mayor said the city took the unprecedented move of dedicating $3.1 million from the city’s reserve to leverage a reported $20 million in federal, state, and private investment to reinvent the 22-acre site at the city’s western gateway. The federal money, constituting the bulk of the capital, must be spent within three years, so the mayor said “you are going to see this happening pretty quickly.” The mayor said most of the existing structures on the site will be torn down in the next six to eight months. The few existing tenants, like Sal’s Italian Restaurant, will be cared for during the transition. The repurposed space is expected to include healthcare services, retail, an early childhood education Montessori facility, and space for job training and higher education classes. 

State Revenues Continue to Rise: The Delaware Economic & Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) met on December 19, 2022, to update revenue and expenditure projections for the current and future state fiscal years. State Rep. Danny Short is a member of this non-partisan group. Unlike the federal government, Delaware’s state government is legally bound to spend no more than 98% of projected revenues — making DEFAC’s forecasts essential to fashioning the operating budget, capital budget, and Grants-in-Aid bills. The forecasts are issued six times per year. Since the last estimate was issued in October, the amount of cash available for budget writers to appropriate jumped by $306.2 million. Forecasts will also be issued monthly, March through June. The latest uptick continues what has become a pattern over the last two years of state revenues consistently rising. Rep. Short and other House Republicans have repeatedly proposed cutting taxes to both curtail state spending and allow working families to keep more of their own earned income. Majority Democrats in the House and Senate have prevented any of those proposals from being voted on in either chamber.

The latest news on the bridge and intersection at Middleford & Old Furnace Roads was discussed. A DelDOT contractor is currently evaluating the intersection and bridge. Draft recommendations are expected to be delivered in March, after which DelDOT will schedule a public meeting for the spring or summer. 

Woodland Ferry: State transportation officials are still exploring options for hiring more ferry captains, the lack of which is responsible for curtailed operations at the crossing. 

A proposed project to replace the Woodland Ferry Captain House with an improved facility to support ferry operations is on hold. Formerly a residence with no perceived historic relevance, the existing structure was slated to be torn down and replaced. However, objections to the plan sparked an ongoing process to reevaluate the structure’s legacy. A public hearing is expected to be held to gather citizen input.

Rep. Short is sponsoring new legislation aimed specifically at people committing crimes with guns. The measure would eliminate the possibility of bail for anyone arrested for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. At present, denial of bail is only done in capital murder cases.

The Coffee with Danny constituent meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, October through June, starting at 8 a.m. at the Nanticoke Senior Center. Coffee and snacks are free to all attendees.

State Rep. Danny Short

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