Recap of Delaware General Assembly Session

Posted on 07-06-2021

 This session, Democrats held a three-fifths majority in both the House and Senate, making it nearly impossible for any GOP-led legislation to ever get off the ground. To put it into perspective – all but ten percent (five out of nearly 50) of the bills Governor John Carney signed into law this session had a Democrat as the primary sponsor.
It seems hard to believe that politics were not at play with these numbers, considering that at least 11 Republican House bills never received floor consideration. “To see those bills not fail on merit or because of discussion and dialogue but because of what I see as partisan politics is not only very frustrating but it’s very disappointing,” Rep. Bryan Shupe said. He had three bills that did not receive floor consideration.
In some cases, bills did not receive consideration due to an unwillingness on the side of the Democrats to hear ideas other than their own. According to Joseph Fulgham, communications officer of the Delaware House Republican Caucus. “Bills were not considered because of, and in retribution for the Republican vote against House Bill 75,” he said. “It is not unusual for Republican bills to either be held hostage or in some kind of vindictiveness to not consider Republican bills in retaliation for a Republican vote that the Democrats didn’t like for one reason or another.”
In an effort to help small businesses survive, Republicans proposed six amendments to Senate Bill 15 which will raise the minimum wage to $15. Without hesitation, Democrats unanimously voted down each amendment. For more on this please visit our website.