Rally To Protect Our Rights! Sponsored By DSSA.

Posted on 06-24-2022

We need the biggest crowd we’ve ever had. We’ve done 1k before and everyone took note. It’s time to do it again.

Rally around the SCOTUS decision yesterday and rally for OUR gun rights!

 Every gun owner in Delaware needs to show up in a sign of unity to support the DSSA in their endeavor to raise the appropriate level of money to fight they tyrants in court.

Speaker list:

  • Jeff Hague – President – DSSA (Delaware State Sportsmen Assoc.)
  • John Sigler – Past President – NRA (National Rifle Assoc.)
  • Mitch Denham – President – DGR (Delaware Gun Rights)
  • Erin Chronister – VP – WDC (Womens Defense Coalition)
  • Shanea Daniels – Director – NAAGA (National African American Gun Assoc.)
  • Dave Lawson – State Senator
  • Julianne Murray – Candidate – Attorney General
  • Lee Murphy – Candidate – US Congress
  • and more