Q and A on Gun Bills

Posted on 06-10-2022

“Putting pressure on leadership works. Yesterday we saw two victories during the House debate on firearm bans. After demonstrating that State has not consistently funded, created policy, or even measured gun violence in the state of Delaware, the House Majority Leader committed on the floor to support annual funding for school safety and a bill that allows the State to start tracking gun violence through the State’s Statistical Analysis Center. I am adding an amendment to HB 388, which reinstates the School Safety Fund, to make the funding annual instead of “when funds are available.” In the following weeks and months I will be working alongside the FOP and the Department of Justice to gain insight of what data and measures can help us hold criminals accountable when they commit crimes with a firearm and protect law-abiding residents. It’s time to leave reactionary policy behind and build a system that favors safe neighborhoods and cares for victims of violence.”

To see yesterday’s exchange on the House floor read today’s Washington Post article at https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/delaware-house-approves-ban-on-many-semiautomatic-weapons/2022/06/09/d59a6428-e84a-11ec-a422-11bbb91db30b_story.html.