Proposal Would Level the Playing Field for Female Scholastic Athletes

Posted on 02-19-2022


Seeking to ensure equitable competition, State Rep. Tim Dukes (R-Laurel) and State Sen. Bryant Richardson (R-Seaford) have introduced the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.”
Senate Bill 227 would require a student athlete to participate in a sport, or on an athletic team, specific to the biological sex he or she was assigned at or near birth.
The measure is a response to national headlines pertaining to genetically male athletes who are competing as transgender females and often dominating female sporting events.
Senator Richardson and Representative Dukes Introduce SB 227; Legislation would protect female athletes against discrimination and ensure equality within female sports
On Friday, February 11, 2022, Senator Bryant Richardson (R – Seaford) and Representative Tim Dukes (R – Laurel) introduced Senate Bill 227 (SB 227). The proposed measure would require a student athlete to participate in a sport or on an athletic team specific to the biological sex he or she was assigned at or near birth.
The legislation’s introduction comes in response to national headlines pertaining to transgender females (male athletes who identify as females) who are participating in female sporting events. Many female athletes have criticized athletic organizations for allowing the practice, stating that they are at a significant physical disadvantage than their transgender female counterparts.
“I was alarmed while reading numerous news reports regarding male athletes participating in female sports simply because of how they identify,” Senator Richardson said in a statement.
“I have heard from parents and athletes here in Delaware that they, too, are concerned, especially as juniors and seniors wish to apply for academic scholarships that are largely based on performance achievements.”
High school athletes across the United States have spoken out against biological male athletes breaking female records and hindering scholarship opportunities.
“This is a matter of fairness as students compete athletically for college scholarships and look to advance their athletic careers. In order to continue the protections against discrimination for female athletes, many of which have been achieved through the nearly 50-year-old Title IX federal statute, it’s important to enact this measure,” stated Rep. Dukes.
SB 227 has been assigned to the Senate Health and Social Services committee.
Senate rules require legislation to be heard in committee within twelve legislative days following introduction.
Senator Richardson represents the 21st Senate District, which includes Laurel, Delmar, and the majority of incorporated Seaford.
Representative Dukes serves as the House Republican Whip and is elected in the 40th Representative District, which encompasses the southwestern areas of Sussex County including Delmar and Laurel.”
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