Sussex GOP

District: 41st

Chair: Mike Hough



Representative: Richard G. Collins (R)

Commentary by club members

“It is a great thing to have a Republican Club in the 41 st District. It is a tremendous help in my campaign as there is now tons of help from many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. I’m looking forward to continued growth and much success of the club in the future”.

“The club has given a voice to many Republicans in the 41 st district. The monthly meetings are informative and give us a chance to speak directly with our State Representative and Senators If you want to make a difference, join the club and enjoy communicating and working with like-minded, patriotic people”.

“This grass roots organization composed of local Republicans with a focus on local and state issues, In a short time since our founding, we have grown in membership and funds to support and retain incumbent leaders and future leaders of Delaware and Sussex County. The club hosts a monthly forum in an attractive atmosphere where Republicans can meet and discuss issues with the above-mentioned leaders. We encourage and reach out to all local Republicans through social gatherings to ensure no one is left behind without a voice in our District”.