One Of The Few Remaining Futuro Houses In The U.S. Is Right Here In Delaware

Posted on 11-19-2020

If you’ve driven past the Eagle Crest Airport, you might have noticed a strange flying saucer that looks like it landed straight from outer space. This isn’t a visitor from outer space, though – it’s a Futuro House!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, we’re here to tell you about Delaware’s very own flying saucer. No, it’s not an alien ship – it’s a Futuro House! There are only a handful of these retro modular homes left in the world, and one is hiding right here in the First State. These quirky, modern, and minimalist homes were designed in 1968, by an architect named Matti Suuronen.  Suuronen came up with the idea for a portable ski chalet and got right to work marketing his creation.

They never took off as intended, though, and to this day only a few remain worldwide.

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