New post in 38th District Club

Posted on 10-22-2022

Candidate Forum Doug Hudson(R) and Nathan Mitchell(D) October 24th

Our next meeting will be held Monday, October 24th, and our guest speaker will be Democrat candidate for County Council District 4, Nathan Mitchell, and current republican County Councilman, Doug Hudson. Below is a preview of Nathan Mitchell speaking at the 38th Representative District Democratic Committee: 38th Representative District, Democrats, Sussex County, Delaware ( And you can listen to County Councilman Doug Hudson on WGMD with Mike Bradley here . Please plan to attend and hear from the candidates and ask your tough questions! Get the latest election information on WGMD 92.7 and 98.5, The Talk of Delmarva!

Things you can still do to get our Republican Candidates elected!!


You can STILL request an absentee ballot for this election. (You can request either an absentee ballot OR a mail-in ballot, but since the mail-in ballots are being contested, there is a chance that mail-in ballots will not be allowed for the general election.)

  • If you think there is a CHANCE that you may be out of town the day of the general election on November 8, 2002, then please request an absentee ballot. EVERY single vote counts and we want YOUR vote to count for sure!
  • If you have a neighbor or family member who would be unable to come out to vote due to age, infirmity or is away at college or the military, please help them request an absentee ballot.
  • Whit just requested 2 absentee ballots, one for his mother-in-law and one for her sister, way to go, Whit! I just requested 2 for my employee who is due November 12th and her husband. Who can YOU request an absentee ballot for??
  • request an absentee ballot online
  • Download an absentee ballot request here:

The deadline for the Department of Elections to issue an absentee ballot is the day before the election at 12:00 noon. In this case, you would not mail your absentee ballot, you would drop it off at the Dept. of Elections in Georgetown. You can drop your absentee ballot off in person until 8:00 pm on the day of the election and it will be counted, 119 N Race St, Georgetown. Voting is how we will get our candidates elected! You can contact the Sussex County Department of Elections at 302-856-5367, email for additional information.