National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Posted on 09-16-2023



From : Delmarva Supports Law Enforcement

  • Tell an officer “Thank you” for what they do
  • Show support with a blue ribbon on your home
  • Send a card explaining why you appreciate them
  • Tell us about your family member who serves
  • Quietly buy a cup of coffee for an officer
  • Share your favorite story of an LEO’s kindness
  • Help the kids write a letter to a local department

Law enforcement line-of-duty deaths decrease by 66% in 2023 according to this article.

Law enforcement line-of-duty deaths decreased by 66% halfway through 2023, according to a report released by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund on Tuesday.

Every year the NLEMF releases two reports — one counting the midyear line of duty death statistics and one recapping the statistics for the entire year.

There have been 52 federal, state and local law enforcement officers whoโ€™ve died in the line of duty between Jan. 1 and June 30, according to NLEMF.

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Honoring Officers Killed in 2023

Total Line of Duty Deaths: 81

Total K9 Line of Duty Deaths: 15