My Opponent calls me “Extreme” Check This Out:

Posted on 08-07-2022

Murray Monday Minute: My Opponent said I was “Extreme

Greetings Team Murray!
We are officially under 100 DAYS until the General Election!  
The State Fair was AWESOME!  We talked to too many Delawareans to count.  Last night when I was leaving the Fair for the last time the security guard commented that he could not believe how many yard signs he saw people leaving with.  Our proximity to the main gate was terrific – people picked up signs on their way out of the park.  Lots of people….
I can absolutely confirm that we talked to Delawareans of ALL political persuasions and that everyone “gets it” that this should be an apolitical office.  People see that we need change and are excited about our prospects.
Now that we are under 100 days, everything is going to move more quickly.  Everyday matters at this point.  I am filling out candidate surveys and scheduling interviews with different organizations almost daily.