Murray Monday Minute: WE WON!

Posted on 09-22-2022

Greetings Team Murray!   48 days to go…   It was quite a week last week!  As many of you now know, Delaware’s vote by mail bill was struck down as unconstitutional on Wednesday evening!  In an 87-page opinion, Vice Chancellor Cook ruled that under Delaware precedent the vote by mail bill is unconstitutional.     Some people have challenged my motivation for filing the lawsuit as wanting to restrict voting access which is absolutely not the case.  My Murray Monday Minute addresses this.  All along this has been about the process – not the topic.  If the General Assembly wants to remove the need for excuses to absentee vote, they simply need to amend the constitution.   Not surprisingly, the State appealed the court’s decision and we are now on an incredibly expedited path for appeal.  Oral argument is scheduled for the first week of October.   We can’t do this without your support so please stay engaged!  We also need you to contribute to the campaign if you can.  We have to lock-in media buys and billboards by October 1 so we need to know exactly how much money we have   I know that finances are tight but please dig deep – contribute like your life depends on it.
And remember that on November 8 you have to vote like your life depends on it –
because it does.
Start talking to everyone you know about the need to vote. 

We need a huge turnout on November 8.   Stay Fearless…  

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